Climate Finance Day 2017

On December 11, 2017 in Paris: Third annual Climate Finance Day
to accelerate the international mobilisation for financing
the fight against climate change


“The fight against climate change is an issue that should rally all of us: public authorities, citizens, NGOs but also companies and financial players. The President of the Republic intends to make sure France spearheads this fight and the Summit on December 12th will be further proof of this commitment. The third edition of Climate Finance Day, which will take place the day before at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, will be the occasion to prepare this event. I aim to gather all stakeholders: representatives of the financial industry, issuers, regulators and supervisors, public development banks, NGOs and experts on climate policy. The objective is clear: ensure that the financial sector contributes concretely to the fight against climate change. The tools are numerous: project financing, responsible behaviour incentives, support to the most innovative initiatives.
December 11th should be the opportunity to go further.”
Bruno Le Maire – Minister for the Economy and Finance

“The fight against climate change entails an unprecedented mobilization of public and private financing flows towards in-depth transformation of our energetic and agricultural systems, climate adaptation of our infrastructures and cities, and restoration of natural ecosystems that provide carbon sequestration services. This means to invest better, and to invest more. Investments should be rapidly redirected to finance the deployment of disruptive technologies and massification of existing solutions. Billions of euros of financial needs are at stake and public budgets will obviously not suffice. There is little time ahead of us to finally invert the GHG emissions curb.
Climate Finance Day shall demonstrate financial actors’ global capability and involvement to invent tomorrow’s world.”
Nicolas Hulot – Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition



“Now more than ever, it is crucial for the financial sector to step up its contribution to the fight against global warming and to reinforce and promote the position of the Paris Financial Marketplace as a global leader in terms of green and sustainable finance. This third Climate Finance Day, in Paris, will be an occasion to announce new concrete actions implemented by the international financial industry to help tackle this challenge, on the eve of the Summit organized by the French President.”
Gérard Mestrallet – Chairman of Paris EUROPLACE

“Green and sustainable finance is the future of finance! The Paris Climate Finance Day is a new sign of the vibrancy and commitment of the Paris Financial Centre and will be a new milestone in the construction of tomorrow’s finance which will contribute to the low carbon transformation of the economy. With this annual event, we intend to participate in building, with our international partners, this finance for tomorrow: a finance that favours long term solutions, an innovative and digital finance connected to the real economy, a finance mindful of its environmental and social impacts, a finance that invests in the future.”
Philippe Zaouati – Chair of Finance for Tomorrow



A full week of event in Paris

In order to showcase solutions developed by the financial sector and accelerate commitments against climate change, the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance & Paris EUROPLACE, with its initiative Finance for Tomorrow, are organising this new edition of Climate Finance Day on Monday, December 11, on the eve of the “One Planet Summit”, organized by the French President.

Climate Finance Day 2017 will bring together high-level representatives of the financial industry, regulation and supervision authorities, and central banks. It will showcase the most innovative initiatives aimed at accelerating the financing of the energy transition and adaptation to global warming. It will provide information on transparency and address risk management, financing solutions for the real economy and public-private partnerships. The most promising initiatives announced on Climate Finance Day will be highlighted during the “One Planet Summit” held the following day.

In addition to these two prestigious events, a series of side events dedicated to climate actions will take place throughout the week, attesting the strong momentum in the field of green and sustainable finance in Paris.

Climate Finance Day settles down in Paris
Held for the first time in May 2015, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Climate Finance Day marked the launch of the financial sector’s campaign to tackle climate issues. This movement, which culminated at the time of the COP21, has grown considerably since the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Today, a large number of banks, insurers and investors have adopted strategies to decarbonize portfolios, invest in renewable energies and develop new green financing solutions.

In 2015, the first edition of Climate Finance Day entitled “How to shift the trillions?” concentrated on the re-direction of capital flows towards a low-carbon economy. The second edition, organized with Casablanca Finance City Authority for the COP22, aimed at moving to action, in particular in Africa. This third edition of Climate Finance Day will focus on accelerating mobilisation and ongoing commitments.
To boost the financial industry’s participation in the fight against climate change, Climate Finance Day will from now on bring the leading players in this international mobilisation together for an annual event in Paris.


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