An eco-friendly event

Event planning

Agence Publics is certified with ISO 20121, an international standard which specifies the requirements for an Event Sustainability Management System to improve the sustainability of events.
The standards and parameters outlined challenge the agency to improve its process leading to continual performance improvement, while being nimble and creative.
Agence Publics is proud to be among the very few Event Management Companies in the world to be granted the ISO 20121 Certification.

Carbon neutrality


As the Carbon Neutral Partner, EcoAct will measure the carbon footprint generated by the organisation of the event and offset the CO2 emissions by financing a low carbon project complying with the most rigorous international carbon standards – thus ensuring the carbon neutrality of the event.
For more than 10 years, and on a worldwide scale, EcoAct Group has provided companies and territories with unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to the climate and carbon challenges.
Our experts devise and implement tailor-made climate and carbon strategies that are integrated into an entire value chain, thanks to the unique alignment of three areas of expertise:
Strategic consultancy
Modelling and data analysis (smart data)
Project design and management.
In 2016, EcoAct was once again awarded Worldwide Best Advisory Service and Worldwide Best Project Developer Overall by Environmental Finance.

Carbon offsetting of the Climate Finance Day event:

As the Carbon Neutral Partner, EcoAct has selected these three carbon offsetting projects which comply with the most rigorous international carbon standards (Gold Standard and VCS) and best practices (ICROA) and contribute to the achievement of many Sustainable Development Goals.

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